Thursday, July 7, 2011


138 days in Australia and this is my first update. Sorry, but this is the result of having another blog. I left this one rusty and spiderweb-coated.

Being overseas is a good thing, and I like it here. The weather’s not too different from Malaysia (minus the winter hee). Have been to quite places, but now, during this winter break, someone needs to stop travelling, stop shopping and stop googling good eating places in Sydney. And that someone is me! I am now staying quietly, like really quietly at home, that I can almost hear my heartbeat. Yes, to that extend.


Hell no, I’m going out to Gungho later. Kekeke! I just don’t wanna miss the opportunity eating Malaysian cuisine in Sydney. I’ll stay home after I really got what I want :D though it’s gonna take forever.

The reason why I’m writing this entry is, after like months of ignoring this blog, somebody still call me the brilliant writer. Wuhuuu. Too much of compliment, but I guess it makes me think to write in this blog again. Thanks! But still, I need to have a good something to write about.And I want to write it short.

I’m gonna write about how living overseas making me see people from a different light. Friends, specifically.

Months away from family, and all we had are friends, make me realize how important friends are. And from what I can see here too, there are still people who friend for benefits, so don’t blame me for continuing disliking people. I continue disliking certain people because they continue to do the things I dislike. That’s all. To the certain someone who really really really pushed my wrong button, I despised you! What I really want right now is for you to turn into a chicken kekeke~

Despite everything, I am grateful of the people around me now. Besides everybody, I specifically have the Bambas, and a new friend who loves me and also someone’s still sending love from UK! Hehe. Grinning all night thinking of my Hard Rock London whooosshh~

The new friend who touches my heart, and make me go all Omo! Omo! :) that day I thanked you for loving me, and your answer made me speechless.

“Thanx to Allah coz bagi rasa tu kat i..tulah hebatnya kalau syg seseorg krn Allah :) ”

The last sentence was the only actual contain of this entry. The rest were just there to fill up the space =)

To that certain someone, I cried. Ain't I one lucky person? :)

Salam from Aussie:)