Tuesday, January 27, 2009

.reminiscence of my hooha group.

I always think that life is not fair to separate me from my lovettes. Whenever I got problem or something bad come out, I will sigh and hope that all my lovettes are there to help me. I just cudnt stop comparing my other friends with them. But for sure, they’d never be replaced. They’re always have the special place in my life. Because they’re the ones who make me realized that friendship is not about who comes first or who stays longer, it’s all about who comes and never leave.

::midie my sengalest class rep::

What makes me post this entry is not because I suddenly think bout them or I got problem and I need them to comfort me, but it always good to reminisce old days with our beloved friends. Last night my friend, Midie who’s currently in Jakarta texted me telling how much he missed our friends. Me too Midie, I missed you all damned much! Hopefully your jantung and tulang xm went on smoothly today. Tawakal is a must tau! Hehe.. And after that, Sarah who’s currently in Egypt texted me, also bout the ‘missing’2 thingy. Missed you so Sarah gedixx!!

::afiq my abang long (left)::
And just now, Afiq who’s the nearest to me of all (except the fact that he’s in mainland and Im in the island) texted me. It have been long since we last have a long chat so there were lotsa thing to say. Thanks for missing me friend! I do missed you too lah~wee..We talked about old days and the most important thing, bout his girl. Cum’on la Afiq, theres nothing to worry lah. She’s good ryte if not how cud you fall for her at the first place?? Im sure you can get over your internal conflict soon. Be confident of yourself okey? Be happy^^Shameful lah my Abang Long be this weak. Huhu~ And yeah..bout Mr Redza getting enganged without telling us. Cruel lah sir *growl*

When I look back these entire things, I realized that life’s not easy for all of us. It’s not only me who faced these kinds of situations but also them. The difference is that the way we handle things. But one thing Im sure of is that Im blessed to have them. We might be separated by distance, but we know that we live in each others and no matter what happens, we’ll stay this way.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

my dewdrops bliss

[ me spotted in the dolphins saver squad]

Im home..finally! Dunnoe how to describe the feeling of being home. Happy, but at the same time, feel tied to a bundle of work. Gee~ How can I enjoy the bliss of being home with all this craps clinging to me? This idyllic atmosphere I enjoy would be as short as dewdrops in the morning. Aftawards, Im all dried up.*sigh* And I got a lot in my list-to-do. With my lappy and handphone being currently a lil bit mereng, my spirit is totally been demotivated. Also, I got a movie marathon to finish. It’s a must!! I always practice edutainment, coz education n entertainment must be on-da-go for me^^

Arrived home around 4am, I continued ma sleep soundly until bout 11. Waa, what a comfy! Havent been this carefree since I first arrived in IPP for dis sem. Today, I did nothing *in p&p la* I just start ma movie marathon, watch Korean series and o9. What a day^^ But tomorrow Im gonna start my work. Working like theres no tomorrow I will (or at least I hope so).

One thing, I oledy got d green light from my dad, to buy “dat thing”. Aww~Im bloody happy today. If I eva know this persuading session would be this easy, I might have done it long ago. Whatever it is, this is one of the privilege to be daddy’s daughter. Sorry Achik, dun envy me ya.*LOL* But btw Abah, actually I got one more thing in my wish list…or is it two?? What a good money spender daughter I am >.<

Bout the dolphins saver squad, Ive been trying to upload this pic since before but due to some problem,only now it can be published. Feel free to join our team. Together we save the dolphins. :D

*till I blog maself again*

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the old Lie:

  • Assignments are mounting…again! Like pouring rain, we’re again showered by loads of work to do. I just hope this unbearable misery to walk away. Or at least, fading by time. Cant life spare me some space to breathe? Im tired of this distressing, bad time consumer thingy dat keeps on clinging our life. And now, aha..! More ole2 for this coming holiday. *should I be happy??* I know its part of student life but I never expect of something like this. Homework comes to you like a group of monster in a marathon to catch you. Yes, it is dat bad!! But yet, I wonder why I dun collapse yet. In this case, I think milo helps a lot..=)


  • Okeyh, this is another thing dat make things worse. The dance performance for Relay 4 Life. Its not dat I dun wanna take part, but I wish I cud have more than 24/7 in my life. I love dancing, but on top of everything, study comes first. Im not a flexible person who can adjust maself due to situation. Im the type of ..I can say have a “pathological fear” of last minute work. Its so bad it can kill me..T.T

  • Whatever it is, I’ll just wait patiently for these two days to pass by. Then, I’ll reach home! Whats better than to be with our family? Mumi, I want nasi dagang..huhu~

  • Today was a tiring one. But one thing dat made it all worthwhile was dat my group had done with our ES presentation and we’re all satisfied with dat. Good job everyone. Million thanks to you all^^ The old Lie: Dulce Et Decorum Est.

  • Tomorrow sure be a more tiring one. I heard they wanna play rugby tomorrow =.= For these two weeks I’ve not been myself during PE period. I went for handball and football before. Then yesterday, our cohort went for dat Tujuh Tin game. Lebam lah kaki! Im thinking of way to skip tomorrow’s game. Dun wanna play rugby..T.T

Cudnt upload any photos..Bad blogspot~

Saturday, January 10, 2009

.perfect week for the not-so-perfect me.

I have to admit my first week of skooling is not dat easy though. I wished that there’s notim much for this week but what I got was the vice versa instead. Loads of assignments, presentations, and obviously everything bout the ss thing. Opps, I forgot. One more thing, redoing our es assignment!

Btw whats so great wit Sarawak till Mr Mohan decide to leave us, his very ‘beluv’ students and ‘present’ us wit Chegu Patricia itu?? Out of all sudden we all have been very busy flipping every notes we have, screening every website for extra reading and been so Im-the-active-type in the class. Its not like I dun really like her, but its just a culture shock as we dun even got the chance to feel sleepy in the class, leave alone to sleep!

“define masculinity”

“what is trait”

“what physical”

“you’re not answering my question”

“what makes you say that”

These are the sentences that she uses to zupzup our each and every answer, on our first day! Okeyh, Mr Mohan never do that. At least he would listen to our opinion first, no matter how stupid it sounds.

But looking from a different view, that also brings a benefit to us. Give 300% attention in class, good preparation for neu topic, no more I’m-sleepy-so-cud-you-gimme-five-minutes-to-sleep faces during that period. We’re forced to love the ss thingy more. And the rumours that the exhibition will be held soon nearly kill us. Im just hoping that rumours will still be rumours. Please dun come into reality!

Bout the es thing, owh dat hurts! All of us need to redo our assignments in 2 weeks. And for my class, we’re totally doing a different assignment as the format is not the same anymore. Not even in the same family with the prev one. Luckily Madam Rovena is there to help us, if not…

So Im hoping dat dis severe atmosphere will change soon. Still got lotsa work to do in my list. Shopping, Twilight, Korean series. But I wonder when all of this will end, or maybe be less awful and let me do my routine as normal as possible.

The good:

.i watched Chihuahua last nyte.*cute lol*
.i read bout ss MORE than before.

The not -so-good:
.my ss thingy.
.es assignment.
.no time for twilight that Im craving for.
.no time for blogging.
.no qb.
.no bedtime story.
worst eva: my lappy charger had exploded*is it exploded?sort of laa* n for now im depending on tyra’s

so, what a perfect first week eva aite…?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

.three little birds pitch by my doorstep.

  • Im bloody sad la.
  • Dis evening my Abah went back home, leaving me alone here.
  • Lots of stacked things to tidy up, but I manage to do it. Yeay!
  • But then, so sad T.T
  • Dunnoe wuts wrong wit me but Im sort of..homesick!
  • Yes, n I regret wasting my olidey saying its damned boring la, notim to do la..
  • Haish~ now I wish I could stay longer.
  • I miss my lil Aban, wondering how hes doin today, his very first day of schooling.
  • I miss my fam.
  • Im being such a crying baby, kan?
  • I noe my Abah wudnt like it.
  • Whenever I feel like crying, I’ll call my Abah and let him talk.
  • Feel relieved, I’ll try to handle it.
  • But still not in the mood, I hope theres notim much for tomorrow so I cud adapt myself to the environment that Ive left long ago.

...this song keeps playing in my mind. Three little birds-Bob Marley~

Rise up this mornin,

Smiled with the risin sun,

Three little birds

Pitch by my doorstep

Singin sweet songs

Of melodies pure and true,

Sayin, this is my message to you-ou-ou:

Singin: dont worry about a thing, worry about a thing, oh!

Every little thing gonna be all right. dont worry!

Singin: dont worry about a thing - I wont worry!

cause every little thing gonna be all right.