Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15 of 366 (Pic spazzzin)

Day 15 of 366. Nothing much done till now, just stay and home and do stuff. Stuff, means kemas rumah, sapu lantai, vacuum, mop, jaga adik, tengok tv, online and makan. That's quite summarising my summer holiday. Been home for about 1 month and a week, berat belum naik so far so I'm happy! Teehee~

2011 passed by so fast. Tak terasa langsung. Tup-tup dah mid Jan 2012. Dah dekat setahun since we left Malaysia for Sydney. Setahun yang cepat berlalu, and I bet the remaining year pun akan berlalu this fast. So sad, isn't it? Good thing will eventually end one day, we need to accept that. But 2011 sure did leave a meaningful memory. Lots of thing learned, intentionally and not.

For 2011 who just left, I really treasure what you've brought :)

#1 Departure day 10 Jan 2011.

#2 Ini housemates. 158 love :)

 #3 Canberra trip. In front of Aussie Parliament house.

#4 Pantai near Newport

#5 One of the classes in Newport Public School. Cantik. I want a classroom like this too :)

#6 Blue Mountain trip. First time jumpa kangaroos. They look like big rats hee

#7 Family En. Zahari. Anak-anak dia comel-comel!

#8 Parcel of love. From Malaysia <3

#9 Mommy so cute worrying bout me. Mom, I eat well! :) 

#10 Choc spree in Tasmania!

#11 Aloonah

#12 This is a place I couldn't remember the name :(

#13 Ini Anis :)

#14 Hobart city 

#15 Aloonahh 

#16 My very first kpop concert. Everyone was so pretty and handsomee! 

#17 Me and my new shades kbai

#18 50AUD official t-shirt. And we looked like the organisers :O

#19 The highlight of above all. 081211, balik kampung! 

Dear 2012, please be kind to me. I'll work harder :)