Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hello! Remember me? 

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15 of 366 (Pic spazzzin)

Day 15 of 366. Nothing much done till now, just stay and home and do stuff. Stuff, means kemas rumah, sapu lantai, vacuum, mop, jaga adik, tengok tv, online and makan. That's quite summarising my summer holiday. Been home for about 1 month and a week, berat belum naik so far so I'm happy! Teehee~

2011 passed by so fast. Tak terasa langsung. Tup-tup dah mid Jan 2012. Dah dekat setahun since we left Malaysia for Sydney. Setahun yang cepat berlalu, and I bet the remaining year pun akan berlalu this fast. So sad, isn't it? Good thing will eventually end one day, we need to accept that. But 2011 sure did leave a meaningful memory. Lots of thing learned, intentionally and not.

For 2011 who just left, I really treasure what you've brought :)

#1 Departure day 10 Jan 2011.

#2 Ini housemates. 158 love :)

 #3 Canberra trip. In front of Aussie Parliament house.

#4 Pantai near Newport

#5 One of the classes in Newport Public School. Cantik. I want a classroom like this too :)

#6 Blue Mountain trip. First time jumpa kangaroos. They look like big rats hee

#7 Family En. Zahari. Anak-anak dia comel-comel!

#8 Parcel of love. From Malaysia <3

#9 Mommy so cute worrying bout me. Mom, I eat well! :) 

#10 Choc spree in Tasmania!

#11 Aloonah

#12 This is a place I couldn't remember the name :(

#13 Ini Anis :)

#14 Hobart city 

#15 Aloonahh 

#16 My very first kpop concert. Everyone was so pretty and handsomee! 

#17 Me and my new shades kbai

#18 50AUD official t-shirt. And we looked like the organisers :O

#19 The highlight of above all. 081211, balik kampung! 

Dear 2012, please be kind to me. I'll work harder :)


Thursday, July 7, 2011


138 days in Australia and this is my first update. Sorry, but this is the result of having another blog. I left this one rusty and spiderweb-coated.

Being overseas is a good thing, and I like it here. The weather’s not too different from Malaysia (minus the winter hee). Have been to quite places, but now, during this winter break, someone needs to stop travelling, stop shopping and stop googling good eating places in Sydney. And that someone is me! I am now staying quietly, like really quietly at home, that I can almost hear my heartbeat. Yes, to that extend.


Hell no, I’m going out to Gungho later. Kekeke! I just don’t wanna miss the opportunity eating Malaysian cuisine in Sydney. I’ll stay home after I really got what I want :D though it’s gonna take forever.

The reason why I’m writing this entry is, after like months of ignoring this blog, somebody still call me the brilliant writer. Wuhuuu. Too much of compliment, but I guess it makes me think to write in this blog again. Thanks! But still, I need to have a good something to write about.And I want to write it short.

I’m gonna write about how living overseas making me see people from a different light. Friends, specifically.

Months away from family, and all we had are friends, make me realize how important friends are. And from what I can see here too, there are still people who friend for benefits, so don’t blame me for continuing disliking people. I continue disliking certain people because they continue to do the things I dislike. That’s all. To the certain someone who really really really pushed my wrong button, I despised you! What I really want right now is for you to turn into a chicken kekeke~

Despite everything, I am grateful of the people around me now. Besides everybody, I specifically have the Bambas, and a new friend who loves me and also someone’s still sending love from UK! Hehe. Grinning all night thinking of my Hard Rock London whooosshh~

The new friend who touches my heart, and make me go all Omo! Omo! :) that day I thanked you for loving me, and your answer made me speechless.

“Thanx to Allah coz bagi rasa tu kat i..tulah hebatnya kalau syg seseorg krn Allah :) ”

The last sentence was the only actual contain of this entry. The rest were just there to fill up the space =)

To that certain someone, I cried. Ain't I one lucky person? :)

Salam from Aussie:)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"The Safest Wall"

"Baby just say yes..."
Interesting enough, right? Thanks to Google :) I bloghopped few days ago, and came across this very interesting fact. These are of "The Safest Wall" in Seoul, South Korea. If not mistaken, it is located near to Namsan Tower, or Seoul Tower, which is one of the attractions in Korea. I remember the first time HE went to Seoul, that he was most captivated with the tower and how fast the elevator went up to the top of the tower. How cute kan kan kan :)
Back to the story, about "The Safest Wall", it is where young couples show their love to each other by locking a pair of padlocks to the fence, and then throw the keys over the edge. This thus shows their commitment for each other, as well as to pray that the love remains forever locked in their heart. Sweet :)
To my dear YOU, I've promised to go and see you by next year, so now I'm praying hard. If I can make it there, let's go to this place, lock the padlocks, throw the keys and get ourselves a bowl of jajjangmyun, Love! You are sooo not gonna leave Korea before I get there! Haha~
This is just another reason to visit Korea. Do wait for me :)


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quick update!

I’ve been writing inconsistently due to my laziness these days. Plus, people who I don’t wish to read my blog keep on stalking me, questioning this and that, making me feel uncomfortable to write more. Hopefully my idleness for quite sometimes shooed them away!


Updates for now, been successfully sat for final exam. It’s only for two papers, but it’s not easy tho. Lots to read, lots to think. Now that I’ve tried my best, now the only way ahead is tawakal. Whatever you worked for, eventually will come to you one day. I believe in that. Dear God, please let me pass this one. I wanna go to Aussie too :) So far the preparation were headache-ing, with all the forms and payments to make. Believe me, fulfilling forms are never this hard. These forms, are both confusing and irritating. Four days off for Deepavali break, that supposed to be a horray holiday were spent completing those things.Blergghh.


Coming up next is our BTN course, which will be held in Meru BTN Campsite in Klang. Not looking forward, this is so not me. Just hoping that we’ll gonna have fun there. Just hoping. This BTN thing is one kind of frustration too, because I’ve been expecting our IPG to be with IPIK before. But it turns out to be IPSAH. Nadia, I really wanna see you! :(


This is it, for now. Cohort Two chalkies, keep holding on. Be patient with all the borangs. Let’s make this two-and-a-half-year-waiting worth it! (Tho I don’t feel like going anymore)



my beloved mr otter :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Memory :)

One day you told me that we were going to grab some food outside, so I enthusiastically get ready and so on. But as we got in the car, there was a telephone call and you said that we need to drop you off at the Petronas building, just a while so can grab some stuff. Again, I uttered an okay. Arrived, you told me to wait at the foyer, and you disappeared into the elavator. I waited for almost 10 minutes, thank god the sofa was so comfortable there, when a text appeared from my cell. "Ada emergency meeting. Maybe lama. Tunggu kat foyer".



Thing that I hate most in my life. Waiting.


So I sat comfortably on the sofa for the first 30 minutes. The big screen besides me showed Petronas commercial, from what year I wouldn't know. I was trying to not looking at receptionists, both male and female, who were unnecessarily friendly to people that everytime a person came in they will point at me and introduce me to them. About who am I, like they knew. I tried not to care, as I thought the meeting would end in no time. But I was wrong. Three freaking boring hours and I was still there, now watching the repeated commercial on the big screen. It wasn't that I like watching them, coz for God sake, I think Petronas had been in my life even before I was born, but my mp3 had run out of power and I need to switch it off.



It was about 5.oo pm that the meeting actually ended. Meaning, I was sitting there like mad for more that three hours. I was quite upset then, thinking how time flies for nothing. But seeing your face, I realized that I wasn't angry. Not a bit, tho I didn't get the lunch I thought I would be having, tho I had waited for three hours with strangers around me. It was because it's you. My dad.


Of course it was boring to wait at a place where all you can do is sit n stare aimlessly at things. But when it's for you, it will always be okay. It sure was disappointing, to lose a chance to have some time together, but you know what? I was quite proud at that time. Because remember the two unnecessarily friendly people? They kept on introducing me as "Anak Encik Yunos", and those people nodded at me, because they all knew you. Because they respect you. And having a dad who is respectable by others, how couldn't I have any bit of proudness? :)


After all, you still made my day. Tho it was only from the McDonalds Drive-thru booth :)


A short memory for Fathers Day. Happy Fathers Day in advance, daddy

To all sons and daughters, read this and happy watching!



God knows how much I miss the old days :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Entri kueh lompang untukmu. (entry panjang berbahasa Melayu)

Coz I wonder where you are
And wonder what you do
Are you somewhere feeling lonely
Or is someone loving you?
Bagusnya kalau ada someone at least care enough nak tanya aku macam ni T.T Last-last dok replay lagu sama je sepanjang hari, suara Rachel Berry yang hodoh pulak tu dengan boyfie dia yang ala-ala Dakota Stanley junior bak kata Nab. Tape asal jiwaku terlayan :D First of all, ni first time berbelog dalam Bahasa Melayu, tho rojak-rojak gitu. Tak kesala, sebab ade rationalnya tau. Sebab banyak sangat emosi yang nak disampaikan, and kadang-kadang if berbelog in English, maksudnya tak sampai gitu. Sebab mana best nak mencarut dalam BM. Kankan?
Emosi pertama.Losing touch. Penah tak kau rasa macam sebelum ni kau hebat je buat something, tapi tibatiba dah tak hebat or kau dah hilang minat dah. Ha macam tu lah rasanya. Cuma aku, dalam semua benda pon rasa da tak bagus. Contohnya, nak blogging dalam English pon da macam tak reti. Blogging dalam English pon da xtau ape perkataan dia. (oke. hyperbole.) But macam tu la rasanya, down sangat. Rasanya kena marah ngan Miss Letch pun tak rasa camni. Sekarang nak makan pun annoying gila sebab sampai je depan meja Mami tak tau nak order ape. Memang annoying. Pastu salahkan diri sendiri bila terdail Pizza or McD or Hakim (mintak tolong hantar gi QB gagaga). Tapi macam tu la hakikatnya. Bosan sangat hidup ni. Korang tak penah rasa bosan ke?
Aku juga kemalasan. Starting awal sem agi. Ni memang hakikat yang sahih. Dulu kau boleh ah sindir-sindir aku kata aku takyah study sebab aku memang rajin la, memang pandai la. Sekarang da takyah nak sindir-sindir aku camtu. Sebab aku da tak rajin. Taktau kerajinan da dibawa lari kemana. Ke Aussie mungkin. wahaha -.-"
Emosi kedua adalah kemarahan. Lately memang agak baran. Tengok orang landing-landing atas conforter aku pun rasa nak sepak. Sorry, aku paham conforter aku wangi, but kalau tengok kapel dok menggedik kat cafe pun aku rasa nak sepak, kalau orang wat harta aku macam harta sendiri lagi la rasa nak sepak kan. And sangat bengang ngan orang yang suka buat bising. Tho keje aku hari-hari adalah tenung buku-buku and worksheet, tak semestinya aku takperlukan environment yang confortable, Tu sebab aku selalu buat muka kalau kau datang bilik aku (sambil menunding jari ke arah XX).
Dan satu lagi benda marah-marah aku adalah orang yang menyindir perkara-perkara yang berbunyi, "kau takpe kau pandai" or "kau xpayah baca semua da ade dalam kepala". Ini memang taik kau tau tak. Kalau aku pandai pun sebab aku concentrete dalam kelas (konon la) and aku tak buang masa buat bendabenda lame macam sesetengah orang. Contoh bendabenda lame adalah bercakap-cakap sambil makan tengahari kat bilik lama2 sambil tengok movie or drama. Aku pun tengok, tapi tak secara berjemaah sebab bila ramai-ramai, lagha kau tau tak. Hee. Tak paham manusia ni. Pastu bila orang lain dapat result tinggi mula nak menyindir2 as if orang dapat result tinggi tu sebab turun dari langit. Mak kau dari langit!
Dulu selalu menyalurkan rasa marah kat Syahmi. And by selalu I really mean selalu. Mungkin sebab tu dia selalu lari dari aku. Mana taknya nampak cantik (?) kan tapi rupa-rupanya scary gila. Emo and suka marahmarah. Ni Abah aku kata. Kata beliau lagi, aku ada semua sifat2 dia except in controlling anger. Betulkah?
btw da berapa hari da xbertexting dengan Syahmi juga sebab sedang kemarahan. Harap awak faham :D
Things that I'm dying for right now:
  • Balik rumah bergonjeng dengan mereka dan keluarga mereka. Means my family :)
Twin ke tak? Haa.
  • Sufficient money for return tickets to Portsmouth, Birmingham and Sydney. Oh, pegi UIA juga mungkin. Ececehh.
  • Satu lagi return ticket pegi Indonesia. Anyone?

aku da tengok Glee episod 16.heee :))

korang tau tak kueh lompang tu metaphor untuk apa? kalau betul aku belanje. Tapi Najihah Mohamad takleh join contest ni sebab dia da tawu.

btw kat atas tu lagu Lionel Richie tau. Kot2 ada yang nak donlod.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

the road not taken

my obsession towards photo editing has come back!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I thought friends are for everyone :(

When Ayoon told me about her friend purposely humiliated her through facebook few weeks ago, I secretly wished I could stand out for her. You know, purposely and humiliating people are two big no-nos for me. But Ayoon thinks its still okay, considering that they are her friends. But recently, a friend of mine just did the same for me, and most importantly, for no reason at all. I was shocked, but it didnt stay for long. I got much better things to worry about other than some cheapo's talking bad about me. And through facebook? So lame.

I wonder, why such people have to do such thing? Like for the person doing that to me, I am not sure if it was satisfied or not with my respond. Like seriously seriously, I dont have the time for stupid, immatured matter like this. Please grow up, pal. Pretty pretty pleasee. Maybe you did it to gain attention, but it makes you sound even stupider than ever. Huh.

I think I am considerate enough towards you. I dont want a war, I dont want anything. Not even revenge or equal humiliation. All this while, I ignored people's talking about you being this and that, because I thought I've seen the other side of you. But you proved me wrong. They are absolutely right. I feel sorry for you. And also to myself, for even considering you as a bestfriend. Pal, I dont hate you, I just cant love you anymore.

Readers, Im sure all of you have friends. So I just wanna ask, in friendship is there any terms of "stealing others' friends" ? Because I was continuously blamed for it :(

Thought friends are for everyone T.T