Sunday, February 22, 2009

Its not that we've found dolphins in pangkor, but its our group, these are the pics of team Dolphins went to pangkor a few days back. The camp was super duper *tuut* dat I gotta find a more peaceful day to blog bout it. Here are some pics and believe me, I got many more to be published. But for now..


.dolphins.on ferry.


theres more to come soon dearies..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Life is weird sometimes. You can’t expect the future at all. If you wanna be safe, expect the unexpectable so one day when the time has arrive, it won’t hurt much. I was badly injured in and out, for I always believe in happy ending, where everybody will be equally pleased. I do make mistakes but I don’t regret it. It was who I am, but I’ve changed. I know I’ve wronged someone in the past for being super duper childish, stupid and inconsiderable. But it was in the past...and what I’m asking for now is a second chance..

I know we can’t expect things to be just the way we want but, all this time, I’ve been living with one faith. The one that I just realized only keeping me from moving on. One thing that never allow me to be truthfully happy.

I just wanna scream and lose control.Throw my hands up and let it go.Forget about everything and runaway.I just want to fall and lose myself.Laughing so hard it hurts like hell.Forget about everything and runaway.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


-epitome of life-

This week was tough enough to make me realize that life is a long journey and we actually got less time than we thought. Everyone got their own path to go through, and whether they can make it or not, its all depend on them. Im all stressed up wit all this thingy. Sometimes I felt Im not strong enough to go on, but I keep holding on to faith that good times gonna come sooner or later. But faith is not a guarantee that things gonna be all right in the future~ I think Im geting lazier btw..You know, how it feels to face the same thing every day and make you sick of it (like a devil sick of sin) Im revolting, trembling, yelling, drowning.. and other -ings that u can think of. The most annoying thing that had happened- I got this super sexy voice. Its obviously sexy till I could hardly say a word T.T

But there were good things that had happened along this week. Out to Disterd College for International Woman Day meeting. It was awesome, except the act that we nearly missed our Asar prayer because the person in charge was really excited in making plan for the celebration. I was worried that we gonna have to have a “sleepover” there. But fortunately, we managed to perform our prayer at last, and it was in Gurney! Well, Disterd don’t have surau I think coz all the students were nons- and to our surprise, were the only Malay representatives for that occasion. And on that day, I could tell, IPPs were more shining that any of the KDUs or SEGIs. Wee~

We also had a great time doing some “art” there. Ok, mencapab is really a nature I here, not nurture.Ngeh3~


Only now I remember. Got something to do lah! I should come out with the proposal next week.Haiyak~Any idea for telematch anyone?
And also, we had a wonderful tyme during ELC’s Chinese New Year celebration. At least with all those red thingies there I felt as if my spirit were also boost up^^ Cohort 2, believe me, we looked super duper cool in red! Luv these pix~

Im just wondering why am I writing this, while I still got tons of works to do..??

Monday, February 2, 2009

mucas gracias amigos!

Olidey is over and obviously good times gonna go away (sorry to say, aqualung). Currently feeling dizzy bout the ss thingy. A few lines dat make my previous days unbearable (or is it me exaggerating dat ). And they all come from her:


*blurry blurry*sumone shed sum lite!!


why must we learn this??

besides questioning every single person dat come across in my mind, I took a very safe step.hehehe~

“yang, tawu x any culture yg bley affects gender?”

….and send it to 01720*****…



10 seconds…

then *ringing* but from unknown number..

“yana,…………………………..” (I cut it short)

then I heard some noise thru my phone. Like people quarreling or so..But then I realize that those people are discussing bout d question dat I ask.Huu~who are they actually? They r tesl seniors from IPDA, leader: Ayunee Hanim aka my sayang. Im so grateful with their help. They activate the loudspeaker and start discussing, and me, listen and jot down the point. Wee~Lucky me..

Credits to Ayoon and others that I dun even know their name, except Vicky. Lain kali tolong lagi. Hehe..At least I got some ideas and even if I opt to choose another point, I’ll never forget their help. Mucas gracias amigos~*and oso million thx for the one who willingly spend the credit 2 call me just now*

And not to forget, Happy 19th Birthday to my sayam, Yak! May God bless u oweys. I noe my simple sms do makes you happy aite*giggling* Be a good future doctor! Luv ya.. Muah3..LOL~

[wanna sleep]