Sunday, September 27, 2009


love and friendship.
which one will you choose over the other?


SJ said...

depends upon situation. hehe

From me to you, suejean =)

lyana aqilah said...

yeah.depends on situation.thats y it becomes so hard to decide :(

Wan Pai said...

friendship klo ad kawan mcm yana.. :)

miss1904 said...

based on my own experience...
i choose friendship..~~


anak pak man said...

Love is a higher form of friendship, IMO.. :)

lyana aqilah said...

wan pai:
that is so sweet of u :))

...but even with my own experience, i still cannot choose :|

anak pak man:
cudnt agree're right :)

lyana aqilah said...

or maybe i shud play safe, by choosing friendship :)

kacipcrew said...

without thinking.. i'll choose which one is longer.. lol

pisey itu aku said...

becoz im gonna marry n love a friend of mine someday?
the man that id confess my love.must always be a friend to me.someone i trust.someone to rely on.


chris_lim said...

hi fellow bloggers, i've just changed my URL. Hope you will relink me again. thx.

lyana aqilah said...

ayat kontroversi pisey :)

yelah whatever it is.i love a friend too :))