Sunday, January 17, 2010

Once upon a time I was a loser.

When I was a schoolgirl, young and naive, I'd always wanted to be "in" with this group in my class. Because I was only a librarian and most of them were prefects, for sure I was having this feeling of inferior towards them. But they did accept me well, thanks for my brain that at least I could cope up with these "elites".pheww. So I was in, the group I mean. But when times flew by I realized that one of them, named XX didn't like me so much.And I didn't like her either. Perasan sangat. I now she was smart, but I'm in the straight As list too. Whats the different,babe? So while others were being so kind to me, this girl continuesly ostracized me until we finished school. We both succeeded with flying colors and we went to our own path without even having a last glance to each other.



Recently, after quite some years, we were reunited by fate. Thanks to Facebook, I guess. Heh. So I was okay with her, (it wasn't me who added her in my friend list. She did, okay?) despite everything she had done to me. There were other friends too, and we settled up nicely and were so happy to finally gather again after a long time. And guess what? She's the only one who's never try to talk to me, even virtually, or respond to the comments I've send to our group members.What the heck, buddy? Am I invisible? Or I guess your insecurity comes back after seeing me, now?



I'm in a good course. I earned the scholarship. I am going to further my studies overseas. How about you XX?



Now we know who's the biggest loser here, right? Congratz!

You had put quite a show :)




MissA said...

once a loser, doesn't mean we'll stay that way forever..
we never know what the future looks like..
and sometimes, ada ppl yg x worth it for us to befriend with just ignore..u tak rugi ape pun..

Liyana Aqilah Yunos said...

Yes I know.but sometimes Im puzzled with people who love to perceive others as losers just to make them feel good about least now Im not the nerdy merdy who wants to befriend with her to look cool anymore.

This is life.Stay on the pedastal and you maybe cant see the ground anymore. Maybe if you're unlucky one day you'll fall down, right on the ground where you belong :)

maisarah said...

soo truuueee babe!!
haha,eventho all those shits passed ages,u forget about it already or at least almost to..n now they come back,some of them genuinely want to have a new kick n start it all over again,forget all those bad memories between us,but some of them didn't! they just stay the same but acting lyk they look really cool about it..

life is what it is rite??

Liyana Aqilah Yunos said... not gonna provoke that person or so, i just let time makes her realized that this world doesnt revolves only around her. And she's not always going to be on top btw. Get her lesson!

maybe its karma right?


Anonymous said...

hurmmm...i wonder who this girl is? :))

Anonymous said...

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