Saturday, March 21, 2009

back to dat place..again!

  • Few hours left before I go back to Penang. This holiday was totally a hectic one, as I spent most of my time doing homework and assignment. Well I think I got new definition of holiday btw! Wholly-used day! :D

  • I wished I've used my time wiser, since I dont think I spent much time on revising. Thruout this hols, I just finished my homework, prepared for the presentation and little bit of revising. It was scary, sure it did. The exam is just round the corner, and I dont think Im well prepared for it. Seriously Im not! Lazy bone :P

  • Btw I got a bad news. Its not bad but you know..At least it sounds bad.My dad just lost bout 3000rm. Not stolen or lost, but on me.Ok thats the price to pay for having a child like me..Owh Im such a bad daughter,kan? But its ok Abah, its a good investment. I'll promise to study MORE! hehe~thanks for the present! (yes,its a present!)

  • What more?? Owh, bout Monday. On Monday, I'll be having my LDV presentation, ALONE, and its part of the assignment! OMG now I wish I am The Big Mouth! But as The Big Hand, Im sure I'll be ok in writing. Gee~ calm down,calm down..its just another presentation..I can do it..yeah! But but but (theres always be but) at night, I'll also be having my Social Study class, which will be for the revision question, and the first group will be...mine! Gosh! Why I always be the lucky number 1? *first come first severed* And the lecturer will be.. Miss Pat. Owh Im thrilled *.* So to Dolphins, I guess there will be no more clubbing. *bubbye mommy zouk* We'll be focusing more on our mock exam. Know your priority!!

  • As I dont finish my work yet, and I dont even pack my things, I guess its better for me to stop here. Hopefully tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow will be a good day. Wish me luck!



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