Wednesday, April 15, 2009

mr reenkyra,you're gedix too!

I tagged him, and he tag me back. Revenge ya? so immature..haha~ So here it goes:

1. do you like the person who tagged you this time?
-if dont hate is considered like, yes i do.

2. why?
-because i dont hate him..?

3. describe his/her personality. (at least five things about him/her)
-cutey2 *haha*
-average height is not much differ from me *gagaga*
-single (based on "im single.n i love it")

4. do you know his/her birthday?
-honestly not.hehe~but it must be in his facebook rite?

5. what is the most wonderful thing that you know/notice about him/her?
-he loves tag! hahaha~

6. will you marry him/her if he/she propose you?
-no.never plan to get married offence!

oh btw, I'd like to tag him back. Get back to you, reenkyra!


reenkyra said...

haha iyola 2...
poyo jek jwpan...

Wan Pai said...


i've got u another tag...