Saturday, April 25, 2009

moments of emptiness

My days were empty. No more cheer and laughter. It had been a week since the "thing' happened but we still could not get over it. People say that the closer we are to somebody, the easier we get hurt by them. I agree, so much. Sometimes because of tiny things we misunderstand each other, which I can say the agony of being young. For being immatured, we lose the bond. How things are fragile, right?

I never expect us to be this way. Near but yet so far away. I still remember the time we sat by the seaside during midnight, and together we sang our song out loud while everybody else were sleeping. Also that we promised to always cheerish that moment as it will never happen again. And now I guess it is true, it will never happen again. Never. I really hope that we also promise not to leave each other, not to hate each other, not to hurt each other. I really wish we did.

Dearest friend, I know this thing hurts you the way it did to me. For every word unsaid, I'm sorry. But I believe this friendship was never meant to die, I'll wait. You have promised to end this, and I'm looking forward to it.

Beribu bintang dilangit
Kini menghilang
Meraba aku dalam kelam
Rembulan mengambang
Kini makin suram
Pudar ilhamku tanpa arah
Sedetik wajahmu muncul
Dalam diam
Ada kerdipan ada sinar
Itukah bintang ataupun rembulan
Terima kasih kuucapkan
Izinkan kumencuri bayangan wajahmu
Izinkan ku mencuri khayalan denganmu
Maafkanlah oh...
Andai lagu ini
Mengganggu ruangan hidupmu
Kau senyumlah oh...
Sekadar memori
Kita di arena ini
Kau ilhamku

I don't ever want you to go.
Please stay.
"the difference between expressing love and having regrets is that the regrets may stay around forever"


anak pak man said...

did u read this yet?

Put three pots of water over the fire.
In the first pot, put some carrots.
In the second pot, put those eggs, and in the third pot, put the cofffee beans that had been grounded inti coffee powder.
The boiling water is like the problems of life.
We can be like carrots.
We go in tough and strong..We come out soft and weak.
We get very tired, lost of hopes, we give up.
We cab like those eggs.
We start with a soft and sensitive heart.
We end up very hard and unfeeling inside.
We hate others, we don't like ourselves.
We become hard-hearted.
We can be like the coffee beans.
The water doesn't change the coffee powder.
See it, drink it.
The hotter the water, the better its taste.
Be like the coffee beans.
We make something good about the difficulties that we face.
We grow in experience. We make the world around us better.

hope you get to be the coffee bean..cheers!

maisarah said...

dear friend~hope u stay strong..and i noe u can always get over all this difficulties in any word which can't even been explained.

sALeh sLey said...

yana bersabar la ye..
mungkin ade hikmah disebaliknye..
aku tau ko sorg yg tabah..
aku knal sape ko..
n aku yakin ko dpt hadapi sume ni..
anggap je la sbg 1 ujian drpd-Nya..
x sume dlm hidup ni sempurna..
aku pun prnh mengalami sedemikian rupe..
maybe ari ni org 2 x endah kn kite..
tp percaya la 1 hari nnti mesti die akan kembali gak..
die sendiri akan rase malu terhadap sikapnya itu..

cheers up my dear!!

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

and while that send you reeling
from decimated dreams
ur misery and theirs will not be the same
unless u go through it all over again..
pity on u fostee..lets the time change it all..God's will...:D

da'biZaRRe said...

i don't know who u r,
we've never met,
but ur words say it all,
u r in pain,
i don't know who is this guy to u,
but i've kinda lost a fren cuz of sumthin really stupid,
hope u'll get through this prob of yours,
cuz i haven't gone through mine,
b strong...