Tuesday, May 12, 2009


These are the faces I've seen during our second school visit, as one of the activities for the English Language Camp 2009. Believe me, SK Jitra 3 saved this language camp from being described as super duper lame by me. Really love that moment. And kiddos,you roxx!

*my standard one fellas*

*everybody knows how to spell H-A-P-P-Y*

*lets camwhoring together gals*

*the chekgus wanna go back edi.sobrie*

*closing ceremony also so happy ar?haih*
Since this school is new and beautifully built, we can obviously feel the difference between the school we went to for our first school visit in SK Titi Tok Bandar. Yes, it did sound like "bandar" but it was actually a rural area where most of the students were from a low income family. But the most important thing is that, the experiences we had gained there was as priceless as the new one.
few pics from SK Titi Tok Bandar that I'd never uploaded because of emo syndrome I faced thruout the outreach program. :(

*standard one kiddos..again*


*haziq is ridz's, hafifi is mine*

*mukminin(beside me): "saya sayang kakak"
me: "hehe" *shy2*

These faces make me think, do I really want to be a teacher? Yes, I do! Its quite funny thinking how I dont really want to be a teacher long time ago, till I meet these two great people.

*miss kala devi* my English lecturer
*mr redza* also my English lecturer. Please dont stare. Yes, he is my lecturer.
They are my idols to be a great English teacher. I still remember how Miss Kala was so happy to know that I get the offer from BPG. :D
Haih. Write so long edi. Btw, I am supposed to get ready for my ss presentation tomorow. The big news is..Miss Pat is back! And as usual, the lucky no 1 group to present is...mine! *sigh* Cant imagine hows the coming days will be. and and and actually, we have one more school visit soon. Haih.
And even after I go back home for my semester break, there still be a Standard One student waiting. But this one is simply irresistible.


miss you too sayang!


LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

the kids lurve the cameras..not u..
get prepared with the pat is coming to town..haha..btw, aban cm bdk tadika da..kasi taller ckit..hoho..

da'biZaRRe said...

nice one
too bad we didn't met
i went there
zapin dancer
on your left
wearing a spectacle

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

please get rid of ur jelousy towards me.ur fostee is more lovable than u.thats the fact.tq.

btw aban awet mude cam kakak dia.hehe.not too tall,just nice.and cute of course.lalala~

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

owh rili?
dats too bad.
we'r in the same boat aite?

maisarah said...

can't take my eyes staring at those two pics holdin "haziq hafifi"...*big sigh..haha

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

i did it on purpose.just for you sarah.hahaha.perasan gop eh :D
hey, hows life been treating u?

kacipcrew said...

tringat adik!

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

jom kite bertahan.3 minggu je.pastu balik jumpe adek masing2.shweet!

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

wait for da day of ur MOV..daku kasi kecih 1 hall..hahaha...
myb ktorg balik awal..exam abes next week gawk..:P

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

x aci balik awal.dah tu sape yg nk tolong angkat bagasi2 ku neh?haha. daku balik umah lambat sket kowt.g cuti2 malaysia ngn famili :D

okey2.xyah g tgk daku nye mov.sgt xreti blakon.huhu. :(

maisarah said...

of cuz i did..hahaha~
life?.gUd..i guess,.
keep maself busy for the exm dis thursday,.doakn yea...

chris@dotagaki said...

aww... so cute. The kids i mean :P

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

haziq hafifi or haziq afifi?
dats the question..

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

...and so do the teachers!
i know i know..
no need to mention lah..

fieqa said...

salam ziarah..

found ur blog tru google..
I also joined the english camp 09!..hehe

eh, btw..
I know him too..
when I was studying in mtrx malacca for a while before studying in ipba,
he was to be my english lecturer..
send my regard to him if he can still remember me..(F4p3 student)..

btw, salam ukhuwah..
nice to know you!
which ipg u r studying now ya?

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

I-P-G-M Penang Campus!
*with the hand sign*

u noe mr redza?no wonder la, he's the hottest guy on the block kan?many have secret crush on him oso.

boll said...

happy to see u had a great time there..
cute kids!

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

cute teachers :D