Tuesday, July 21, 2009

.Dear Miss Follower.

Hello readers and followers~

It had been long since my last post.I'd been very busy few weeks back. But the good thing is I just got back from Genting Highlands with my sayangness and it was a wonderful trip. I just wish I could stay longer :(
Now I, and so do my cohort mates are busy with the induction week for the juniors. Seriously, from the two days activities, they were so passive. And most importantly, some of them were rude. Dont wanna elaborate much in here. I got another more important thing to write.Whatever it is, hopefully they will get better by times. I understand the feeling of being new. And by the way, one of them catches my eyes. Not one mine, but also Ridz's and Pyan's. Why? Only we know :D
Now, the vital part of all. I'd been keeping this since like long ago as I was too busy to blog. But now I just wanna write looong bout it so that the particular person will know that I already know what she did.

Well I heard somebody talking behind my back. Yes, it is normal. We can't shut others' mouths up and they also can't shut ours right? So believing in basic human right I want to stress here that I dont write this post with anger. I repeat, NO! Indeed, I'm laughing out loud at that person. SHE's so pathetic. Quoting what she had said,
"blog yana?hampeh!"
That's gross mama~ First thing that cross my mind when I heard that is I'm going to face her and ask her what her problem is. Actually she was having some kinda disagreement with my close friend and out of all sudden the blog issue came out, creating the above statement. That is why I was so mad at that time. I was not there, and I wasnt the reason they had the disagreement so why should my blog issue came out? But thinking back of this blog thingy I realized that my actual purpose of blogging is just for self-explanatory. I never think people will read my post, let alone for them to follow my blog so I write basically for myself. If she thinks my blog is that shitty, and she still reads my post, and still be my follower, isnt that makes her aint any different? I think it makes her sounds even more shittier than my blog. Am I right or am I right?

Look I'm giving another example, in case if you're not so clear. You found leftover meal on the table and you're like "euww, that's gross" but then you take it and stuff it in your mouth. Don't you think that the gross one is you?

So my point is, dear Miss Follower, if you think my blog is hampeh, and you as my follower should be way more hampeh right? One thing, feel free to stop following. I don't fancy people like you. Well at least I don't hop to others' blogs and ask them to follow my blog. And one more thing I don't follow blogs just to make the bloggers follow my blog back, like you did. The proof is, I don't even follow your blog right? Because it's boring! I only follow blogs that I like and worthwhile reading with no content like "I'm so bored today. Lets dig into the fridge and see what we can do. Owh I have some prawns here. So today we gonna cook bla bla bla...". I't is so out of date baby. You should be more creative in bringing out a subject. Look, now I'm making fun of your blog back. Not out of anger or revenge, just a bit puzzled with what you said and what you've done.

Im getting tired of writing this. Seriously, expressing feeling thru writing is sort of hard now. Besides it's about people who I dont really like. It's such a waste.

Again, readers and followers, please ignored this entry unless you have all following criterias:

a. a girl
b. a blogger
c. my follower
d. i dont follow your blog
e. on of your blog post is about cooking.
f. your blog is damned boring. actually asked people to follow your blog.
h. you think i hate you all this time (and its true)
i. you are the one who talks bad behind my back.
j. you believe that I'm writing bout you now.

You owe me an apology. Thank you.
ps: And by the way, its not only my blog that she thinks is hampeh. There's another one. One of our seniors'. One that I think is interesting and worthwhile reading.Well, I don't wanna say who~


miss1904 said...

yana tu jeles~~~ha ha ha..ur blog is ur blog...ade je org nk follow...dia nk kata hampeh sbb dia nye blog tu hak indvdu...suka suki dia la nk tulih pe.. haishh..~~~org gitu biar je kt kalo dah lbey2....msti akan kena jugak satu hari nnt..~~ papepun..i like to follow ur blog..i can improved my ruining english..~~hukhuk~~

anak pak man said...

You DID manage to make her sound shitty.. Heck, I'm reminded of Mayella Ewell all of a sudden, don't know why.. haha
Good points, and yeah, totally turned off by follower beggars..

RakBaju said...

hai there!

Please visit us at

Banyak baju yang cantik-cantik and harga yang berpatutan tau. See you there!!

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

thnx for d support babe.
i xamek kesah pon.
losers are always lyke dat right?
n thanx for following WITH reasons.

anak pak man:
did i?
did i?
its unintended la.

*me trying to be more like daddy Atticus here*

Wan Pai said...

xkesah what other people said,yg pntg ur blog best..
-testimonial from wan pai-

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

thanx pai..

miss1904 said...

yeah...losers are like that..
just ignore them,k..??!!
enjoy updating ur blog..~~ :)

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

glad to.
thnx pal~

The Exquisite Instigator said...

Haha. Ade jugak ke org cm2. So funny. Dah dengki tu, dengki jugak.