Sunday, August 23, 2009

Put your mask on, dancers!

Tesl Night was over!

Few details bout the event:
Date: 19th Augut 2009
Vanue: King Hall, I4P
Theme: Arabic Maquerade.

It was awesome! (except the fact that a "lalat" had actually spoil my mood that night) The hall was full of colorful costumes, enchanting masks and also wonderful performances. And not to forget, I was also in one of it! :) Looking back a week before, that was the time when I was most preoccupied with work. Assignments, forum, presentations, practices, all drove me up the wall. But thanx to those who supported me all this time, sayang kamooooooooo semua *hugs*

Picture of the dancers :-

*oasis masquerade*

Even though it was such a tough time, but doing things I love with people that I love always make me feels good =)



Thanx pal.Sayang kamoo :)
and not to forget, Cohort Two, as always,

*credits to Diela Delilah*


anak pak man said...

cohort two does rock..

Wan Pai said...

pakai mask H1N1 blh join x???

kacipcrew said...

nice dance even i can't c the real picture(from front view)

(the lighting man.. haha)

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

anak pak man:
yeah.u also rock mr apek! :)

wan pai:
boley je.lanlan pon pakai mask tu.asal nama mask sudeh :p

kesian kamoo.
thanx lighting man.
jaamu dikenang :))

chris@dotagaki said...

U guys dance memang hawt. Melepz~

lyana aqilah said...

we shake it like shakira huh..?

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

shake shake shake shake shake it...
where's my pic?
u should put in ur post
baru thousand bloggers keep update with ur blog..ahaha

lyana aqilah said...

yelah tu..
but it will make my head spin..
cam spinning gasing gituh..
hehehe :p

ps:foster nak glam jek~

♥ Cik NaD ♥ said...

bestnye... :)