Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To all daddies :))

Conner Rhodes: Why does your father act like a retard?
Lucy : He is.

Conner Rhodes: Are you a retard too?
Lucy : No!
Conner Rhodes: How do you know?
Lucy : Because he told me.
Conner Rhodes: But he's a retard!
Lucy : It takes one to know one.
Have you ever watch I am Sam? I watched it last night and God, it is such a good movie. I regret not watching it earlier, as proposed by a friend. What can I say is the movie touches my heart and it is truly the perfect definition of the word, father. Each and every line in the movie draws emphaty from the viewer, or at least me myself. I am not shame to admit that I sobbed a bit after watching it.It is not really a commercial movie, its what we call message movie. Highly recommended to watch by Yours Truly :)

I am Sam is a movie about a man named Sam, whose mental capasity is of a seven years old. He solely raises up his child, Lucy since her mother abondoned them after she gave birth to Lucy. Though Sam is retarded, he is supported by his own group of similarly disabled friends and together they bring Lucy up. When she reaches 7, she surpasses Sam's mental disability. What moves me a lot is the time when Sam tries to read for Lucy, and he just can't. And Lucy, on the other hand, pretends that she also doesn't know the word, probably because she doesn't want to hurt her father's feeling. I love this movie because it shows what a father can do to give the best for his child even though it is beyond his limit, and in this case, Sam tries very hard to win over the custody of Lucy when the social workers take her away from him T.T
Lucy: Daddy, did God made for you to be like this or was it an accident?
Sam : Ok, what do you mean?
Lucy: I mean you're different.
Sam : But what do you mean?
Lucy: You're not like other daddies.
Sam : I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Yeah, I'm sorry.
Lucy: It's ok, daddy. It's ok. Don't be sorry. I'm lucky. Nobody else's daddy ever comes to the park.
Sam : Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, we are lucky. Aren't we lucky? Yeah!



The best scene in this movie is probably the time when Sam, his friends and Lucy crossing the street with each of them holding a ballon, after they go to buy a pair of shoes for Lucy. It reminds me of walking with my Abah, holding his hands while crossing the street. I even do it until now :)
All I can say is that we should be proud of our fathers because ours is undeniably the best of all. If the seven years old Lucy can accept that her father is different, why can't us? We should be unconditionally proud with our father. I remember one of my friends who doesn't like to introduce her father to people, saying that he is too old. WTH?.Sigh. She should be grateful :/
Lucy: Why are men bald?
Sam : Sometimes they're bald because their head is shiny and they don't have hair on it. So their head is just more of their face.

abah, i love you <3.


[MiSs1904] said...

i'm going to search and watch it..~~
thank you so much for the review.~~

Liyana Aqilah Yunos said...


anak pak man said...

good review.. made me want to watch it~

Liyana Aqilah Yunos said...

highly can get it from me if you want :)

MissA said...

baru tengok?? haha, it's ok better late than of my fav movie, i would say. suka part lucy keluar mlm pegi rumah i pun mcm lupa2 citer tu dah hehe

Liyana Aqilah Yunos said...

yes baru tengok.biasala movie yg xde muka lawa susah nak that part too.kesian sam kena angkat lucy mlm2 balik rumah foster parents dia :D

che' lah said...

nak tgk nk tgk kak yan!!!

Liyana Aqilah Yunos said...

che lah, xpuas agi ke tengok aku ari2?kat kelas tengok,kat bilik pon tengok.taula aku comel.wahaha :DD

nak tgk mai amek kat bilik!

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