Sunday, March 14, 2010

I thought friends are for everyone :(

When Ayoon told me about her friend purposely humiliated her through facebook few weeks ago, I secretly wished I could stand out for her. You know, purposely and humiliating people are two big no-nos for me. But Ayoon thinks its still okay, considering that they are her friends. But recently, a friend of mine just did the same for me, and most importantly, for no reason at all. I was shocked, but it didnt stay for long. I got much better things to worry about other than some cheapo's talking bad about me. And through facebook? So lame.

I wonder, why such people have to do such thing? Like for the person doing that to me, I am not sure if it was satisfied or not with my respond. Like seriously seriously, I dont have the time for stupid, immatured matter like this. Please grow up, pal. Pretty pretty pleasee. Maybe you did it to gain attention, but it makes you sound even stupider than ever. Huh.

I think I am considerate enough towards you. I dont want a war, I dont want anything. Not even revenge or equal humiliation. All this while, I ignored people's talking about you being this and that, because I thought I've seen the other side of you. But you proved me wrong. They are absolutely right. I feel sorry for you. And also to myself, for even considering you as a bestfriend. Pal, I dont hate you, I just cant love you anymore.

Readers, Im sure all of you have friends. So I just wanna ask, in friendship is there any terms of "stealing others' friends" ? Because I was continuously blamed for it :(

Thought friends are for everyone T.T


MissA said...

humiliated someone thru facebook? so of my bestfren baru je kene humiliate dlm fb,and like disokong by other ppl, thought that other ppl tak tau pun sape yg die sebut tu..
seriously la, gune fb tu elok2 sme bende x puas hati, kalau ajk confront tak mau, tau tulis kt fb je..

friendship mmg utk sume org. ada ke term stealing other's friend. kalau rasa kawan lari dr kita, kenalah kite pun muhasabah diri, tgk apa yg kurangnya.

malas nk ckp pjg2, nnt emo plak. x habis masalah btul dgn FB ni. nak sng, u delete je that fren. bru die tahu

Liyana Aqilah Yunos said...

hehe.xpe.kita xpayah emo2 cm orang tu.i dont have to bring myself to the same level as that person aite :)

just let it be.

AyA ||| VenomE™ said...

dats a she kan??

fb is a medium of connecting friends n families but now da turn into tempat org nk seek for attention..

i pn xska dat kind of ppl..
diorg set status as if diorg t kna aniaya..
n then other ppl y tataw pape sume sokong diorg.

i'd encountered d same thing as well..
hate dat biatch but let her b la..
later ppl will find out her true colours..

we play chill n calm je la..
then dia sendiri will b annoyed.. ;D

Liyana Aqilah Yunos said...

dear, i x specify pon he ke she? kenapa taboley ke kalao he?gay, eh guy, ni bahaya jugak tau.huhu.

u ni mesti issue dgn pompuan yang dulu tu kan?huhu.biarkan je.dia kan orang baek.blahhhh!

btw i agree dgn u. ble kite buat tatau lagi la dia feel annoyed.hahhaha.guna reverse psychology la.ko nk psiko aku, aku psiko kao balik.hehehehe.

biatches are everywhere. i noe it :)

Anonymous said...


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