Saturday, June 20, 2009

adieu Rambai!

That is it. No more being Rambaian afterwards.*sobs*

Today would be the last day of pampering myself at home. Coz tonite, I'm going back to Penang, where all the miseries will begin. :( I would say that long holidays are somewhat not good, especially for me, as it leads to a torturing homesick afterwards. That is me, always have. And the 'good' (or whatsoever it is called) news is, we're moving to Pala! From Rambai to Pala, what a ...revolution! You see, they are talking bout Tesl students not mingle with other courses', but now who makes the decision to locate only us in a same block? That's something to think about, people. To Anak Pak Man, congratulation for successfully moved to Amra. Tomorrow, I'll experience the same thing, and I'm not pretty sure if I'll mislocate my arms and limbs ( or maybe it's Tyra's arms and limbs) during the process. But at least, I'm not going up the hill, and I, or specifically "we" still be close to our food source. :D

Despite all of this, I'm still looking forward to the first day of school. Not being enthusiastic of handing in LDV homework, no people, neither to hear of any upcoming assignment. The reason will stay a secret, at least until that day. After that, whether you see it or not, something is going to happen! To the particular person, I hope you still remember our promise. Feed them with some drama, okay :)

Tomorrow's not only be the starting of my life in Pala, but also the starting of our third semester of this foundation program. In a few month peeps, we'll be having our finals. We have been doing so good until now, so keep it up, everybody! We were starting it together, so I'm looking forward to finishing it together, too. Good luck, friends. Let's win the battle. And remember, whoever didn't finish reading "To Kill A Mockingbird", you're digging your own grave, dear!

Just a simple reminder to someone who I know will read this entry, stop writing rubbish dear! I know you know that I knew you couldn't make it big, so you made it up, right? Reading about how great you and that person look together makes me feel as sick as the first time I listened to Soko's "My Wet Dreams". It's disgusting!


GRuNGe said...

Wargh. I envy your english. Hope can write like you. Huhuhuhu.

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

u flatter me,GRuNGe :))

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

haha..i've told cha!
moving to Pala is not so bad
at least near to dearest mami kafe..
wish u big luck moving ol da stuffs..hahaha..

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

haha.yelah compared to least my arms still functioning well.

crappy internet connection here la foster :(

anak pak man said...

tiba2 my name ada, agak terkezut sahaya.. huhu
rambai-pala= ±100m
not that big of a problem lah there..

yeah, totally agree with the statement:

You see, they are talking bout Tesl students not mingle with other courses', but now who makes the decision to locate only us in a same block?


selamat pergi ke kealsa esok!!

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

not really fond of the classroom.its very....condusive!


gimme angsana back!