Sunday, June 7, 2009


It's not the cutie little Hello Kitty that my sister used to collect before, neither my pet, Luxury in the Pet Society. It's a COPYCAT!

I hate it when people are copying, or better explained as plagiarising my ideas or work. I had experienced quite a number of incidents when these copycats make me their victim. I understand that as teenagers sometimes we tend to follow what people do because we want to be like them, or we want what other people have because we may think they have more than us. But plagiarising people's ideas and work, I consider it as inconsiderable. You are suppose to get as much as you deserve. If it's not yours, it won't be yours even though how many times you declare they are yours. You are cheating yourselves, aren't you?

For me being a copycat is as the same as you cheat. Not only people around you, but also to yourself. I'm not saying that I'm so good that I never cheat. Yes, I did. I still remember when I was in Form 4, I hate doing Add Math exercises. So me and my best friend Yak always exchange our homework. She'll finish my Add Math tutorial and I'll write her EST essays. We're practising barter system! But at least I got A's for the subjects in SPM, so it doesn't matter much for me. As for her, I think she's doing good as a medic student.

Well, back to the issue. I think I had enough with these copycat thingy. Once, my lecturer asked us to find notes for the next lesson, so I found some and brought it to the class. Then I left my things to go for break. When I came back, I saw this guy reading some notes, and it seemed familiar. So I told him, "we have same sources!" and he said, "no la, this *** asked just now who want the notes. This is from her" I looked at it very carefully, and guess what? Its mine! And then the "innocent" person came in and without feeling guilty, she said to me," Oh, I borrowed your notes just now and photocopied it for the class". WITHOUT EVEN BOTHER TO ASK ME FIRST AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, SHE DID DIG IN EVERY OF MY STUFF TO LOOK FOR THE NOTES. Sh*t!!!!

I hate it when somebody messed with my privacy. Yes it's true that we need to give and take. But if everytime it's you who's giving without taking, it's too much.

Not long after that, while everybody was busy with the exam preparation, I made this notes of the topics that were constantly repeated by the lecturers. I'd put in so much effort in it. Then this very close friend of mine asked if she could borrow it and I said yes. I'm more than happy to help others. But the very same person who had "stole" my notes before had take it from her, and photocopied it for her friends. OMG what's the problem with this fella? Always want to do the same thing to me. And the worst is that, the notes at last got in my hands, but it was claimed as other's work.

"Oh, it's ****'s notes" She allows if you want to copy it"
Another sh*t is going on here.

Well, I guess there's still many of my fellow friends who don't even know that it belongs to me. Well, it belongs to that by_tch right?

Forget about that. I'm not that bad that I hold grudge over the matter. But afterward, I'll be extra careful that these copycats will not dare to touch my thing AGAIN.

But recently, my idea was ONCE AGAIN been plagiarised by somebody. OMG please la, you are not that stupid to copy other's idea right? Well, I don't like to be looked, or sounded similar to others so I'm TRULY expecting you to stop using it. I tell you, it doesn't even sound original anymore. And it's all thanks to you!

If you still using it as if it's yours, you are definitely THICK-SKINNED, babe!

I know I'm quite blunt, but I like it.
Please back off, copycat.
footnote: I'm so kind that I even say "please" :)


GRuNGe said...

Well written in English. Hope have the capabalities to write like you.

AyA ||| VenomE™ said...

u really did it, dear!!

Woho, gimme five!!


a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...
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a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

thnx!but im not that good.still trying~ :)

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

well,people dont call me lyana van der woodson for nothing!haha.this is for us,babe!

high five?
make it ten!!

Att Ashburn said...

plagiarizing is a crime..
brilliant writing..
love this post :P

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

thanx att~ :)

Att Ashburn said...

ipsah kat sp.
course tesl juga..
i link u too, ok..
hope u dont mind

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

okay.nice to know ya~ :)

miss1904 said...

super jahat la org yg amik copy notes tu..~~haishh~~

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

yelah.nk exam buat org mcm tu.xhalal br tau.huhu.

neway, thanx for following paan~

miss1904 said...

thanx jugak sbb singgah kt my blog~~ :)

Dean C said...

I like your pictures.