Thursday, November 20, 2008


ice cream time afta bio lab
choral speaking

aimie's befday*roti canai party*

ini 4 befday miss kala

rehearsal 4 annual dinner

friends are those who we could cheerish all our good and in blessed enough to meet with such wonderful friends along my 19 years breathing on this earth.n i cant afford 2 lose any of them*no FREN is an island*but my definition of friendship may differ from others.for me friendship is not about togetherness forever,its not bout who comes first or who cares most.its all about who came and never ma life id been facing this matter where my FREN leave me when i need them most.we ol noe dat friends for good time are everywhere,but when you're down?the one who stay n listen without even bother 2 give crappy advice is the one who v need.i owyz need sum1 2 stay beside me,listen 2 my talking without being bored and b ma shoulder 2 cry on.friends 4 me are family.iv been having my family fren since like..forever!id like 2 mention all but i noe i just cant.but hanx a lot 2 my beloved family.i luv u so much!h4p6 roxx!
*saleh-midie-afiq-wazir-tan-hafiz-huda-sarah-aimie-dil-khad-kak ema-kak ikin-kak ain-apple-mya-amelya-aisyah-zana-wanie-azedah*

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