Saturday, November 22, 2008

i am poem*oh im proud of it*

'I am' poem

I am awesome, nice person
I wonder what people think about me
I hear these people talking
I see these people pointing at me
I want them to see the real me
I am awesome, nice person

I pretend I didn’t hurt
I feel as if everybody loves me
I touch their heart with my charm
I worry for this maybe just a dream
I cry when they talk bad about me
I am awesome, nice person

I understand people will continue judging
I say that I know myself better than them
I dream of a day when they will accept me
I try to bring the best in me
I hope they will see who am I
I am awesome, nice person

*i wrote this poem in my ldv class wit miss letch.we were only given a short time to finish our poem so i guess this poem could be better if we're given enough time.but somehow i just love my poem as it really resembles myself*nama pon i am poem*haha~n what i like most bout this poem is that i'v been given opportunity to recite it in class n miss letch said "good poem".owh im honoured to hear that..luv miss letch*muah2*

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