Thursday, November 20, 2008

start of sumthing neu~

owho now i got d chance 2 write..haha..but how im gonna start?hmm..let me c 1st k..should i introduce maself? lyana aqilah-19 years old-dob on 13th sept-ma hometown is in kota bharu-currently studying in tesl program-luv pink-ma interest revolve around music,movies,eateries,photography and hangouts-love making frens-ma status is currently undefined*sigh*-i cant b tolerate in sport-luv reading mags n novels,but ma fav are cecilia ahern's-now studying in ipp penang,doin ma foundation-fav movie is the lifetime a walk 2 rememba-fav song wud b unintended*sigh again*-im fragile n easily broken-but somehow im oso lil bit craze+ blurr+funny+outspoken+talkative+
cruel+hard headed+egoistic+friendly+stack up sumtimes+lovable*evrybody loves me*..haha..enuf bout maself..tis is a pic of me n my fren ridz as we'r out 4 theatre..

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reenkyra said...

hahah im da 1st to drop some comments... yes2!!! (^_^)