Saturday, November 22, 2008


when will diz hols end?im damn bored in here.i need something thrilling 2 do,but this maybe-7-weeks-hols is not promising as ever.dun have anything 2do,dun allowed 2 do part time job,no frens 2 hangout,no movie 2 watch,no thing 2 giggles rather go for a whole week chaos doing assignment in skul than 2 hide behind dis screen dat i think started 2 ruin my eyes.oso rather get up at 7 for skul than to get up at 10 and still got nothing to do.owho~wut had happen 2 my life.i noe i'll be regretting it when im back in skul but 4 now,i really2 wanna go 2 killing myself due to boredom!!!!!!!

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