Saturday, January 10, 2009

.perfect week for the not-so-perfect me.

I have to admit my first week of skooling is not dat easy though. I wished that there’s notim much for this week but what I got was the vice versa instead. Loads of assignments, presentations, and obviously everything bout the ss thing. Opps, I forgot. One more thing, redoing our es assignment!

Btw whats so great wit Sarawak till Mr Mohan decide to leave us, his very ‘beluv’ students and ‘present’ us wit Chegu Patricia itu?? Out of all sudden we all have been very busy flipping every notes we have, screening every website for extra reading and been so Im-the-active-type in the class. Its not like I dun really like her, but its just a culture shock as we dun even got the chance to feel sleepy in the class, leave alone to sleep!

“define masculinity”

“what is trait”

“what physical”

“you’re not answering my question”

“what makes you say that”

These are the sentences that she uses to zupzup our each and every answer, on our first day! Okeyh, Mr Mohan never do that. At least he would listen to our opinion first, no matter how stupid it sounds.

But looking from a different view, that also brings a benefit to us. Give 300% attention in class, good preparation for neu topic, no more I’m-sleepy-so-cud-you-gimme-five-minutes-to-sleep faces during that period. We’re forced to love the ss thingy more. And the rumours that the exhibition will be held soon nearly kill us. Im just hoping that rumours will still be rumours. Please dun come into reality!

Bout the es thing, owh dat hurts! All of us need to redo our assignments in 2 weeks. And for my class, we’re totally doing a different assignment as the format is not the same anymore. Not even in the same family with the prev one. Luckily Madam Rovena is there to help us, if not…

So Im hoping dat dis severe atmosphere will change soon. Still got lotsa work to do in my list. Shopping, Twilight, Korean series. But I wonder when all of this will end, or maybe be less awful and let me do my routine as normal as possible.

The good:

.i watched Chihuahua last nyte.*cute lol*
.i read bout ss MORE than before.

The not -so-good:
.my ss thingy.
.es assignment.
.no time for twilight that Im craving for.
.no time for blogging.
.no qb.
.no bedtime story.
worst eva: my lappy charger had exploded*is it exploded?sort of laa* n for now im depending on tyra’s

so, what a perfect first week eva aite…?


kacipcrew said...

haha..w8 till u see miss pat and madam ong together, i mean how well they go along.. :P

4 miss pat.. u'll get used to her quickly.. ask ur room8 4 further "bodekking"

HoNeYsaH said...

we face da same thing..
but not dat miss patricia..
sabar keyh..
how come ur charger can explode??
pity u..
hope it'll be ok soon okeh..

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

ya..ask me for further 'bodekking'
dun wory enouf, u will get used to
it within this period of time..
yg petim,struggle..

p/s:jgn kasi letup laptop suda..

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

yea i noticed dat.oso wonder how cud ur rum8 likes her so much, n i bet she likes him,its all bout bodekking yea.meanie!!

u'r all lucky 2 hv mdm sal laa..huhuhu..dunnoe whats happen wit my charger,its just "kebaboom" like dat..T.T

bodekking sounds good.ngeh3.*evil laugh* tell me d secret!!!

n dun worry,my lappy is fine *so far*hehe~