Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the old Lie:

  • Assignments are mounting…again! Like pouring rain, we’re again showered by loads of work to do. I just hope this unbearable misery to walk away. Or at least, fading by time. Cant life spare me some space to breathe? Im tired of this distressing, bad time consumer thingy dat keeps on clinging our life. And now, aha..! More ole2 for this coming holiday. *should I be happy??* I know its part of student life but I never expect of something like this. Homework comes to you like a group of monster in a marathon to catch you. Yes, it is dat bad!! But yet, I wonder why I dun collapse yet. In this case, I think milo helps a lot..=)


  • Okeyh, this is another thing dat make things worse. The dance performance for Relay 4 Life. Its not dat I dun wanna take part, but I wish I cud have more than 24/7 in my life. I love dancing, but on top of everything, study comes first. Im not a flexible person who can adjust maself due to situation. Im the type of ..I can say have a “pathological fear” of last minute work. Its so bad it can kill me..T.T

  • Whatever it is, I’ll just wait patiently for these two days to pass by. Then, I’ll reach home! Whats better than to be with our family? Mumi, I want nasi dagang..huhu~

  • Today was a tiring one. But one thing dat made it all worthwhile was dat my group had done with our ES presentation and we’re all satisfied with dat. Good job everyone. Million thanks to you all^^ The old Lie: Dulce Et Decorum Est.

  • Tomorrow sure be a more tiring one. I heard they wanna play rugby tomorrow =.= For these two weeks I’ve not been myself during PE period. I went for handball and football before. Then yesterday, our cohort went for dat Tujuh Tin game. Lebam lah kaki! Im thinking of way to skip tomorrow’s game. Dun wanna play rugby..T.T

Cudnt upload any photos..Bad blogspot~


LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

men rugbu seh..
"katang" nyer fosteeku ni..
kamoo mmg hebat..hahhha

kacipcrew said...

this is a true fact but it will disappoint ya: milo act makes u more sleepy le.. unless u'r doing physical thingy

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

mne ade rugby..
ktorg men *bombat la..
*tatau eja T.T..

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

no la..
ok wat..
at least psychologically it makes me feel energatic..
but still,nestle is boycott thingy aite..?

ps:labu,btw~daku mmg hebat..

HoNeYsaH said...

congratez to ur grup..
i thnk u all suppose to present in front of pamela lar..

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

no way..
if so, dat presentation wudnt b dat good..
my nerves system isnt working so well..
takot lah~~