Tuesday, January 27, 2009

.reminiscence of my hooha group.

I always think that life is not fair to separate me from my lovettes. Whenever I got problem or something bad come out, I will sigh and hope that all my lovettes are there to help me. I just cudnt stop comparing my other friends with them. But for sure, they’d never be replaced. They’re always have the special place in my life. Because they’re the ones who make me realized that friendship is not about who comes first or who stays longer, it’s all about who comes and never leave.

::midie my sengalest class rep::

What makes me post this entry is not because I suddenly think bout them or I got problem and I need them to comfort me, but it always good to reminisce old days with our beloved friends. Last night my friend, Midie who’s currently in Jakarta texted me telling how much he missed our friends. Me too Midie, I missed you all damned much! Hopefully your jantung and tulang xm went on smoothly today. Tawakal is a must tau! Hehe.. And after that, Sarah who’s currently in Egypt texted me, also bout the ‘missing’2 thingy. Missed you so Sarah gedixx!!

::afiq my abang long (left)::
And just now, Afiq who’s the nearest to me of all (except the fact that he’s in mainland and Im in the island) texted me. It have been long since we last have a long chat so there were lotsa thing to say. Thanks for missing me friend! I do missed you too lah~wee..We talked about old days and the most important thing, bout his girl. Cum’on la Afiq, theres nothing to worry lah. She’s good ryte if not how cud you fall for her at the first place?? Im sure you can get over your internal conflict soon. Be confident of yourself okey? Be happy^^Shameful lah my Abang Long be this weak. Huhu~ And yeah..bout Mr Redza getting enganged without telling us. Cruel lah sir *growl*

When I look back these entire things, I realized that life’s not easy for all of us. It’s not only me who faced these kinds of situations but also them. The difference is that the way we handle things. But one thing Im sure of is that Im blessed to have them. We might be separated by distance, but we know that we live in each others and no matter what happens, we’ll stay this way.



sALeh sLey said...

weh mane leh..
xde gmbr aku yg beso plak 2..
aku x kire ko kene letak gak..

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

ngengede tol la ko ni..
sape soh x text ak selalu??
ckp la tu ak ltk mke ko kecik2..
hehehehe :D

jgn marah tau..
nex tyme ltk mke ko besau2 okie..?

HoNeYsaH said...

suddnly miss ma fren damn much..
ur right..
they will never be replaced..

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

miss them much lol~
dolphins group pon xley lawan our hooha group..

hooha like no tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

ketua yg sengal ye??
btw u guys r the best student yg fwen i ever had!

thanx for giving me support n strenght to muv on in diz world...hope u guys will achieve ur dream n stay the same!



a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

we rock the world in our own way..

never change..

sALeh sLey said...

eh 1 lg..
jgn lupe ayat ni..
trhe ego has landed..

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

no lah saleh!
no more "the ego has landed"
skang neh da tuka:
"the ego had enganged"
da la btunang xbgtau aku..
kan afiq kan, die xckp pon kt kite.. T.T