Thursday, November 12, 2009

things I hate about you :(

  • for never fails to make me laugh when the sky is grey

  • for being the one I know I can always rely on

  • for understanding everything I have to say even before I spit out a single word

  • for being the one I wanna talk to everytime I shed my tears

  • for staying by my side when life is not as good as I always thought

  • for being the person I love more than my bffs

  • for nearly makes me choose love over friendship

  • for being the bestest friend

  • for being the one who holds my hand when Im feeling terrible

  • for playing dumb everytime I look in your eyes

  • for being so gay

  • for the childish look.childish talk.childish manner

  • for the hug I'd never forget

  • for taking care

  • for being the person I wanna see everyday I wake up

  • for being you, the one only I can see

  • for backing away when you think its the best for me

  • for being the one I never shame to sing, to dance with

  • for never share your tears when its the thing I'd like to do most

  • for keeping the distance

  • for ignoring

  • for tearing me apart

  • for making me see you in a different light

  • for being you

  • for loving.when it seems impossible to

  • for still being the one I run to

  • for making me post this crap

I hate you. Just because.

when it doesn't go your way, look up the blue sky and say, "it's ok"

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