Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I juz cudnt agree more.its so damn true.Dont make someone a priority if they only make you an option.But what if someone treated you as if you're their priority,but the thing is you'll always be their option?Well,under certain circumstances,it might happen when you'll be alternative maybe..but the thing is you yourself cudnt stop yourself from being an ALTERNATIVE because you love the way that person treated you.But here im not portraying myself as an alternative,not me ok..but somehow something happened in our life with or without us realizing it might kill us.And worse come to worst when we cudnt do anyhing other than to let it happen..

Or maybe we do try,but its not enough.You know like doing something that you dont wanna do,even though its for your own good.Love is to have,not to hold.Something that i'll remember forever.It means a lot to me.Yea,for not holding someone i really wanna hold..but having him close is the best thing that cud eva happen to me.And i'll keep that best thing(so far) until i found something better than my best thing.But is there any possibility for a better best thing to happen?I also wonder^^

Haish~this is also a killer statement.Like i say before,love is to have not to hold.So never give up hope.Theres always love all around us,or it maybe right beside us but we arent seeing..We're just looking~~

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