Sunday, December 28, 2008

from me with a bunkface Im responding to this tag wit a smiley face okehs. Things I hate bout skool..?? I do love skool. Now n oweys. But there are things dat used to torment me during my skooldays. Here it goes^^


Okey, I really hate the kokurikulum things. I oweys think that that things were not beneficial since like…forever! I also dunno but that’s the truth. I feel like I was wasting my time and I never present at the koko meeting sincerely. Everytime was by force. Force of nature. Huhu ~

P.E period and Sport Day

First and foremost, jz want you to know that I cant be tolerate in sports. From the games during P.E to the tournament, I hate it! I also hate the ‘ujian kecergasan’ we used to have in skool. Hello, Im cergas enuf okey! I don’t think I need that crap. And Im afraid with ball. Yes,ball! It’s a nitemare when the ball is coming to you in high speed, or maybe more than the speed of light and bumps into you with a large momentum! And I cant run fast. That’s a big NO! So during my skooldays I used to feel low among my friends for I don’t participate much in sport. So say no to sport!!

History period

Honestly, history period never fails to make me feels sleepy. No matter what the teachers do, what they teach, what time, what style, I still feel sleepy. Yes, Im a sleepyhead, I admit but I never allow myself to sleep in class. In fact, history is the only subject that succeeded in making me break my principles. And now that Im in IPP, something has taken the ‘title’ from history. You know what?? Social studies!! Im sorry Mr CM, I’ve tried not to make a sleepy, blur, I-don’t-understand-anything face in ur class, but I cant hold the temptation, especially in our morning class. I promise to be a driver nex sem, no more passenger2 thing. Hehe^^

Mr. I’m-The-Senior-So-I-Can-Do-Anything

Okey Im changing the subject from things to a person here. Im seriously hate this guy. I dunnoe him at all. I met him during my first or second week in IPP. And he had been so DAMNED rude. He dunnoe me, and I dunnoe him. But since he thought that seniors don’t have to respect the juniors, then he was like showing off and being stuck up. Because I was still in my orientation week so I thought it would be so rude for me to talk back to him even tho he was acting crossing the line. But if he does the same thing again to me, Im not hesitate to teach him the lesson. Respect people, man..!! But when I think back of that incident I realized that somehow God oso created such trash and I shudnt act at the same level with him. I thank God that I didn’t do anything that day. So the lesson here is there are NO such thing that Im older, wiser and better..!!

p/s: lets call it a day..thx to mr reenkyra..haha^^


reenkyra said...

sape la mr senior 2 ea...
isk3 wondering2...

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...

ade la sorg mnusia ni..
pe nm dia pon i xtaw..
tp i'll nvr forget dat face..
kerek semacam je..
menyampah taw..
ske wt mke bodo~

LaBubiZkiTeR.Inc said...

i noe dat guy..
mmg kerek pom..
cm cerek..

a.r.y.a.n.n.a said...


tipu lagi..
tipu lagi..

biar lagi bnyk dosa 2..

*nk wt suspen la konon