Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Nothing to write,just a reflection on what had happened today.Actually its nothing special,as I mention below.No extraordinary thing I did.But the most incredible thing to happen is that I read a novel.Yeah,its incredible(at least for me) because I'v read a Malay novel.To be honest,I dunnoe the title(because its all torn).Honestly.But the story was good,at least it kept me reading until the end.Its not that Im not reading Malay novel,I am,err..not2^^I was~I dont even remember the last time I read a Malay novel.I used to,early secondary school maybe.But what I found bout Malay novel is that they have same(or maybe similar)storyline,n sometimes its just xmasuk akal.*typical*But this one is good I tell you^^haish I wish I know the title.Im gonna check it later on k^^Next is about the internet.The connection is not so good.Thats why I didnt spend much time on this lappy s usual.And for sure it gives my 2 little bro much time for gaming~To be true,theres more n more games are downloaded to my lappy this olidey for the 2 of them.But for sure its just kiddy2 games(providing my bros are only 6 and 4 yrs old).Semak je.Gonna delete them aftawards..Haha!!And the best thing is updating my blog.As you see,new look ryte?This is the real me,simple but yet desirable^^

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