Wednesday, December 24, 2008

when macquarie meets portsmouth

Today is totally one of the best days during dis holiday. To meet yunee is what I really want since long time ago. I haven’t meet her for bout a year and today, after all conflicts and quarrelling, I made it to kb mall to see her.*but it is after she’s waiting for more than an hour and oledy finished her mangkuk of ais kacang. Its about 1.00 pm that time. Thx a lot to my cousin Hafiz for willingly send (and then fetch ) me there. If not Im sure I’ll be a hulk, throwing tantrums at home and so do yunee. I bet she’ll explode herself due to boredom and wrath. Keeping her waiting for dat long oledy drive her up d wall, kan yunee? hahaha~

Back to the title. When Mcquarie meets Portsmouth. But supposely the title is ‘when Macquarie meets Portsmouth and Queensland. Unfortunately Queensland cudnt make it there bcoz of something dat I oso not sure. And excited Ayunee is turning to a less excited yunee edi. Haish~So there goes the title.

*based on our tesl twinning prog lol

We walk and walk and walk and as usual, SHOPPING! I spend 197rm today alone *providing I din go shopping for quite a long time, and the ATM machine generously gimme some money.wink2* I buy a shirt n a pair of shoes. Tired of walking here n there, we go to RasaMas and have our lunch (at 4.00 pm). Wanna noe wut I have? Aha, oledy forgot the name, but it taste like tomyam tuna. yummie2~ siyesly its super duper delicious and affordable tho*drooling* (in the meanwhile, we shared lotsa gossips, esp bout…! gee~ )

After that, walk2 some more. go to the bakery to buy donuts *abah yunee punyer* and earring for yunee’s besfren’s befday *d one who gives her laddoo. haha*clap hands! * Then go to buy cartridge for my printer (btw I got lotsa notes to print out). Then I send her out to get a taxi. But as the taxi pakcik offers a HIGH charge, she decides to take a ride wit the bus. So there goes the hugging2 scenes in front of kb mall main entrance. Hakhak^^

I walk inside, alone, heading to the other entrance (coz my cousin will be waiting for me there) and suddenly I see something. KFC. Then I remember of my bro. Haiyak! So I go and buy something. (It’s the variety bucket things okehs. There goes ma money T.T)Then I go outside and I see my kind-but-cruel cousin is oledy there. Yippie, dun have to wait for him! Then he nags bout me spending too much money. Do I? huhu. Like I care. Its my money btw. And he drives me home. Safely home, I called my Abah (at his office, worrying of me going out too long). Eat the KFC and discussing some wut-so-eva issues wit my cousin and then he left. Surprisingly my internet connection is getting better and Im able to post this entry. Yeay~

muah2 credits to:
::hafiz my cousin::
……for make it my day…….
p/s: it was YESTERDAY~